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June 5, 2023

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Unsuitable Recommendations  

ChapmanAlbin LLC is filing claims on behalf of Michigan residents who invested and lost money in Griffin Realty Trust, a real estate investment trust which now calls itself “Peakstone Realty Trust.” Real estate investment trusts, or “REITs,” are complex and often involve lots of risk, especially if the REIT is not traded on an exchange. The risks include:

  • It can be difficult for investors to get their money out
  • It can be difficult for investors to know how their investment in an untraded REIT is doing, or what it is worth
  • REITs—especially non-traded REITs—often charge investors substantial fees and expenses, which can reduce the value of the shares

Unless you have an appetite for risk, you should probably not invest in non-traded REITs like Griffin/Peakstone. But some brokers and advisors recommended Griffin/Peakstone to seniors and retirees and other folks who wanted and needed to keep their ‘nest egg’ money safe.

“Its not fair for our clients to suffer the consequences of their brokers’ terrible recommendations,” commented ChapmanAlbin principal John Chapman. “The brokers and their firms—not the customers—need to own up and make their customers whole.”

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