Griffin-American Health Care REIT III


November 23, 2020

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Unsuitable Recommendations  

If you are concerned about your investment in Griffin-American Health Care REIT III, (“Griffin-3”), call to discuss your concerns with experienced attorneys who are knowledgeable about this program. You will not incur any cost or obligation for the consultation.

Griffin 3 is a non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust (or “REIT”). Non-traded REITs are risky and not suitable for every investor. They are illiquid and carry high front-end fees and commissions (as high as 15%), and the promoters of non-traded REITS pay brokers and advisors hefty commissions when they persuade a customer to invest. Moreover, early redemption of a non-traded REIT can result in excessive fees that reduce an investor’s total return.

Because of all these risks, your broker or investment advisor should never recommend Griffin-3 or any other non-traded REIT investment unless its suitable for you in light of your personal circumstances and investment objectives. Griffin-3’s recent troubles show why non-traded REITs are not suitable for most average investors.

Griffin-3 reported earlier this month that it has suspended monthly distributions to shareholders after paying the May 2020 distribution on June 1, 2020. The company also suspended its distribution reinvestment plan and share repurchase plan, noting the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic on the healthcare sector and its portfolio. The report does not indicate when monthly distributions or the share repurchase plan will resume.

We’re making no judgment here on the merits of the Griffin-3 REIT. However, if your advisor described it as a “safe” investment program, suggested that it would provide you with a reliable source of income, or said that you could easily get your money out without penalty, you should talk with one of our attorneys.

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