Brielle Cotterman Schwartz


November 28, 2013

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A petition has been filed that would compel the widow of Richard Schwartz, Brielle Cotterman, to disclose her assets and “cease intermeddling” in the estate. The representative and administrator of the estate of the deceased wealth manager, Richard Schwartz, claim that Cotterman has taken various measures to prevent the estate from seizing all of Schwartz’s assets. According to the petition, Cotterman altered documents relating to several LLCs owned by her and Schwartz. One of the LLCs held the couple’s Simpsonville, KY mansion and land. Only a few days before Schwarz committed suicide, Cotterman filed an amendment to the LLC’s report delisting Schwartz as a member and placing herself as the manager. The other LLCs were represented by Cotterman as being empty, but there is new evidence to the contrary. The estate is also looking to Cotterman for information about more than $1.6 million in jewelry that has not been accounted for. The 10-page list of jewelry includes an 18K gold and diamond pendant valued at $174,500; a stamped platinum and diamond pendant valued at $268,450; and a diamond ladies ring containing nearly nine carats in diamonds valued at $215,910. In addition, Cotterman is accused of stymying movers’ attempts to collect Schwartz’s personal belongings. Specifically, Cotterman alleged she did not know how to open a certain safe that was later found open and empty. Cotterman is being asked to disclose the records in her possession and answer under oath questions regarding the location of the missing property.

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